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New Age Electronics

Unit 26/16 Charlton Crt. Woolner

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The Future of Personal Transportation is Here

We supply a range of kick scooters and electric scooters for kids and adults. Always check local laws when driving an electric scooter in Australia.

We carry the best brands of electric scooters:

Available are the following scooters:

From Zero:
Zero 8, 10.4AH battery
Zero 8, 13AH battery
Zero 8X, 18AH battery
Zero 8X, 26AH battery
Zero 9, 13AH battery
Zero 10, 18AH battery
Zero 10X, 18AH battery
Zero 10X, 21AH battery
Zero 10X, 24AH battery
Zero11X, 72AH battery

Assorted Brands:

From E-Glide:

Disclaimer: The customer is solely responsible to ensure that their electric scooter is used in a safe manner and any relevant laws are adhered to. The customer also assumes all risk and liability for the use of their electric scooter and holds New Age Mobility and Electronics free of any liability. Do NOT drive an electric scooter in the rain. It could damage the electronics.


Scooters for fun, freedom, work and adventure.

Electric scooters are the folding, stand-up variety - a grown-up version of the kick scooters you may have used as a kid. The difference is, these are much more fun! Electric Scooters are ridden standing up and have 2 inline wheels for maximum speed, size and portability. Electric Scooters are fun for all people big or small, young or old. We have scooters for everyone.


The Zero Scooters: one of the best scooters available
The first addition to our scooter range. Zero scooters are powerful and built to last.
With a 150kg weight limit on the 10X. Link to another Zero site.


The E-Glide Scooters:  More models of this popular scooter: Spark, G30, Swift, Ultra, Mach10

Entry and high end models available. Link to E-Glide here.

Kingsong N11

Kingsong N11 has 2 X 1200W motors, hydraulic brakes, 11" tyres and front and rear rubber cartridge suspensions.